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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Help the Breland Ledger!

Are you interested in helping scoop Eberron related news to the Breland Ledger?

If you want to help us out, then send your email scoops to brelandledger@gmail.com and include the alias you want to be credited under.

What kind of news are we looking for? Mostly any tidbits about Eberron found on messageboards. Our in-house reporters already monitor the Official Website and Enworld for any official updates.

Keep an eye on the official forums and ENworld message boards for any tidbits of information released by the WotC Developers. If you think someone has made an interesting post or created some fan work for Eberron that might be useful for everyone, send that along!

The Breland Ledger thanks you in advance for your help!

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