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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Eberron Forum Watch - 7/8

Here's a roundup of some interesting topics in Eberron-themed threads across the net.

From the ENworld boards:

What is "pulp"?
Wide Open Spaces
Call of Cthulhu meets Eberron
Travelling Eberron (This thread was inspired by our very own d'Sivis gnome's map!)
Spells for Warforged

From the official forum:

Movies and Films for Inspiration
What's the highest-level NPC in a given city?
Sharn's 16th level mayor

Last but not least, Kildaere d'Sivis has updated her map to version 1.3.
It can be found here. The tired gnome claims that she wont be updating her map for a long while, so let's wish her a good rest! Thank you for a job well done, Kildaere!

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