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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Korranberg Chronicle fan project underway

A group of Eberron fans at the official forums are embarking on a cool new project ...and it's not too late to join the team!

While nearly everyone who read the Eberron Campaign Setting book was left wishing for a virtual version of the Five Nations' most popular news source, a fan called Flamy (and his growing group of collaborators) is determined to make it happen. The Korranberg Chronicle is now under construction and writers are lining up to participate in the project.

Think you can write adventure hook-filled fiction while maintaining a journalistic style? If you're a skilled writer who's interested in contributing, check out the discussion that launched the project. Then head to the Yahoo! forum to offer your skills as a chronicler, or check out the framework that's currently being built for the site.

Original "Let's Make the Korranberg Chronicle" thread

Korranberg Chronicle Yahoo! Group

Future home of the Korranberg Chronicle

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