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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Fan creates comprehensive Khorvaire map

When the Eberron Campaign Setting book was released without an all-inclusive fold-out map, some fans were disappointed. The recently-released Dragon #113 featured a beautiful map of Khorvaire, but it showed only natural geography and the names of nations (as already seen in the middle of the Eberron Campaign Setting book). Eberron fans still wanted to see a map of Khorvaire that showed cities while linking Lightning Rail lines and roads.

The fans demanded it, so other fans worked to make it happen. The best of these efforts, by forum member kildaere007, is now featured on the Eberron Journal and several mirror sites. Click below to check it out!

Comprehensive Map of Khorvaire

A few fans have gone further with Kildaere's image, turning the PDF file into JPG format and even placing it into a ZIP file as 8 page-sized images. These are large files, so if you have trouble downloading the map from a particular site, try another. Whichever format you choose, enjoy the map and thank Kildaere here!

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