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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

A closer look at The Queen With Burning Eyes

While it has been in subscribers' hands for a while, Dungeon #113 hit store shelves only recently. This issue features the Eberron adventure "The Queen With Burning Eyes" by James Wyatt.

The conclusion of the adventure is left open-ended, but if your game group is playing through the Queen With the Burning Eyes, you might want to see how the creator himself continued afterward. James posted this in his blog almost a month ago, but it's particularly relevant now.

For fun details from James Wyatt's D&D campaign, click below:

Beyond the Queen With Burning Eyes

Some players, especially those who do not own a D&D Miniatures Entry Pack, may find the adventure's map difficult to use. For an alternate map, click below:

Dagda's Queen With Burning Eyes Map

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