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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Top ten reasons to buy City of Towers

City of Towers is now available through online retailers, major bookstores, and friendly local gaming stores around the nation. It's a great read for any fantasy fan, but it's especially essential for Eberron players and DMs. Here's why!

10. Facts at your fingertips. The handy appendix introduces new readers to the world of Eberron and the comprehensive glossary helps old fans keep track of the new people and places introduced in the book.

9. A new source for NPCs. Many characters in the book's supporting cast make great additions to your campaign ...and they're shadowy enough to serve as patrons or enemies.

8. See Sharn from the eyes of its citizens. The descriptions of the city's different neighborhoods are a must-have for a Sharn campaign, and the thrilling plot provides a great example of how to create a series of urban adventures.

7. More than superstitions. Learn new secrets about aberrant dragonmarks and House Tarkanan.

6. Details, details, details. Do you think you know what a Lyrandar airship looks like? Can you picture the insane architecture of Hareth's Folly? The novel provides a closer look at the city's greatest wonders.

5. What does it mean to be a Mourner? Experience the plight of Cyran refugees, from the squalor of High Walls to the horrors of Mournland "survivors."

4. Inspired magic. Eberron is a world shaped by magic, and Sharn is more infused with enchatment than any city in Khorvaire. Imaginative scenes show how magic and illusion are woven into art and technology throughout the metropolis.

3. Blood above love. Look behind the closed doors of dragonmarked houses. Gain insight into House politics and learn the greatest punishment that can be inflicted upon a dragonmark heir.

2. Unravel the mystery. The story of Daine, Lei, Jode and Pierce is action-packed and full of intrigue. Every fast-paced chapter ends with a twist to keep you turning pages.

1. Just the beginning. The story doesn't end here. The protagonists have been assembled and they've survived a difficult battle, but their destiny is still unfolding. The Dreaming Dark Trilogy continues this December with The Shattered Land.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to order it today!

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