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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Official Site Updates

The Official site has been updated with multiple articles in the past few days.

Sharn Inquisitive: Issue 4 News for Far, Zarantyr 6th, 998: Lyrandar Investigates Mysterious Lights
Some strange lights have been appearing in the docking towers of sharn following Lyrandar air ships. what can they be?

Steal This Hook: Unusual Jobs
You think you've gotten some weird jobs before? Wait till you read these.

Character Profile: Lei d'Cannith
Even the book department has something new for us. Here is a character profile on one of the leading characters of City of Towers, Dreaming Dark 1. She also appeared in Death in Whitehearth.

Interview: Eberron Unvieled
Keith Baker is interviewed by the Book department about his new novel, City of Towers.

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