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Monday, July 26, 2004

Eberron Forum Watch - 7/26

Welcome to another installment of Eberron Forum watch.
Here are some recent intresting threads that you fans may want to read.

Official Site Forum:

Khorvese Alphabet: An enterprizing Eberron fan designed an alphebet for Khorvaires Common Trade Tounge. You can see the glyphs/characters here.

Eberron Character Portraits: Official Forum member DMAC posts character portraits he's drawn for Eberron. One shining example is his Warforged Master Inquisitive. More can be found at his site www.yodaboys.com.

Epic PC's in Eberron: How to handle Epic Level play, in Eberrons low level world.

EnWorld Forums:

Eberron TV?: Eberron as a TV Show

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