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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Eberron Chat Transcript now available!

An edited transcript of last night's excellent designer Q&A is now available. Our very own BrooklynKnight (also known as ArthurQ and Brueklen d'Cannith) moderated the Q&A session, which featured Bill Slavicsek, Christopher Perkins, and Keith Baker. The chat provides plenty of new details about the world of Eberron, as well as hinting at some of the Eberron releases planned for the next 18 months. It's a must-read for any Eberron fan!
Eberron Designer Q&A Session
We're hoping these chats can become regular events, scheduled to coincide with major Eberron releases. Stay tuned for details about a possible chat around the release of Whispers of the Vampire's Blade and Sharn: City of Towers. Thanks again to the designers who participated!
If you maintain a D&D or Eberron fan site and would like to host a copy of this transcript, click here for a blank HTML version.

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