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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Monster of the Week - Do'rhashan

This week, the Eberron Bestiary presents the Do'rhashan, an enormous reptile spoken of in ancient lizardfolk legends. The voices of these mysterious creatures fill the night at certain times in Q'barra, a great way to add a bit of atmosphere to your games. This update also comes with bonus material at the end of the monster entry, so be sure to check it out!

Here is a sneak preview:

An enormous lizard over 15ft. at the shoulder races through the trees unhindered. Atop its serpentine head stands a tall rainbow crest which trails off towards the creature’s neck. Its long tail ends with a wickedly sharp bony blade.

The tale of the Chorus of Q’barra is a legend that dates back many thousands of years. When the lizardfolk were driven from the Talenta Plains by the Dhakaani, a large force of Dhakaani pursued them further with the aim of total extinction of the rebellious lizardfolk. Though most of the lizardfolk escaped, a single tribe fell behind and found themselves surround by the relentless goblinoids. Legends say that the forest itself came alive with glorious song, calling its children out from the trees to fight off the goblinoid forces. With the aid of the mountainous reptilian creatures that answered the forest’s call, the lizardfolk destroyed the goblinoids and drove any other hostiles back into the Talenta Plains, ensuring the Dhakaani would never again disturb the lizardolk. Of course, time has exaggerated the facts.

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