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Monday, January 09, 2006

Monster of the Week - Warplume

This week's monster, brought to you by the Eberron Bestiary, is for the low level groups out there, after last week's monster we can't go letting high level groups have all the fun! The Warplume is a walking tree that wanders the Mournland and battlefields of the Last War, draining the blood of the fallen with its needle-like leaves. This creature is perfect for setting the mood in the Mournland and introducing new Eberron players to the horrors of that land early on.

Here is a sneak preview:

A huge, feather-like palm rises over nine feet into the air before you, waving slowly in the wind. Blood drips from its needle-like leaves.

At first glace, one might think the warplume a vile aberration of the Mournland. This is not so, for the warplumes have been wandering the remains of battlefields since the start of the Last War. Warplumes are sanguivorous; they drink the blood of those that have fallen in battle and those that remain behind to save them. As such, warplumes thrive in frequently used battlefields such as the Crying Fields. Warplumes are also common in the Mournland, feeding on the many un-rotting corpses that scatter what remains of Cyre.

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