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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Monster of the Week - Siberys Hierarch Lizardfolk

This week's monster is the Eberron Bestiary's second scaly humanoid, the Siberys Hierarch, a powerful race of lizardfolk with a strong connection to the Dragon Above. Siberys Hierarchs make great encounters in Xen'drik, emphasising the mystique that surrounds the continent as well as confusing players in combat with their transformational abilities and calls to the cosmos. Is it the rains of Siberys dragonshards in Xen'drik that attract these nomads, or entirely the other way around? I'll leave you to decide that one.
Here is a sneak preview:

A large humanoid figure, draped in a mantle of woven leaf and scale, raises its staff with its reptilian hands and chants as if to call to the skies themselves. A long, toothy maw juts from the shadows of its hood.

The Siberys Hierarchs are a race of self-proclaimed messengers of the Dragon Above. These elusive lizardfolk roam the vast continent of Xen’drik as nomads, following the rains of Siberys dragonshards and harvesting the stones for their magic. The hierarchs preach to the lizardfolk colonies they visit that they intend to restore the Dragon Above to its former glory with their magic, undoing his death at the hands of Khyber, the Dragon Below. Recently, many Siberys Hierarchs have been congregating in the Ring of Storms.

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