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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Monster of the Week - Etherclaw Drone

This week the Eberron Bestiary kicks of a new group of monsters with the Etherclaw Drone. The Etherclaws are deformed outsiders from Daanvi, but now spread their curse through the material plane. The tiny drones carry the cursed seed to reproduce their kind. A great swarm encounter for mid level characters, and great for setting the scene when you pull out the bigger, nastier Etherclaws . The Etherclaw warrior will come next week.

Here is a sneak preview:

The hideous creature before you stands just less than two feet tall. Its lower half is a cluster of six chitinous, knife-like legs that clatter on the ground as it skitters towards you. Its upper half is a shimmering blue, ethereal spire.

The Etherclaw Hive Mind is a vast network of psionic potential that flows throughout Khyber, from the bowels of the Labyrinth to the enclaves of the Umbragen. Colonies of these creatures can be found across Eberron, concentrated into large groups in small, critical locations. A strike from an etherclaw colony is fast, efficient and lethal to those that oppose them. On top of all this, the psionic hive mind allows the attacks to be precisely timed and well planned. Current rumours among the creatures of Khyber whisper that the etherclaws are congregating beneath the Mournland, drawn to its unnatural power as if they recognise it.Etherclaw colonies consist of a number of distinct castes, with the drones, warriors and clairvoyants being documented in Khorvaire’s archives. The clairvoyants lead the etherclaws in their elusive quests, while the drones and warriors fight. Beyond these few facts, almost nothing is known of these creatures, their appearances tend not to leave survivors.

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