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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Win a Spot in the Beta! + Beta Journal #6

DDO Stress Test Update – Win a Spot in the Beta!

The Dungeons & Dragons™ Online: Stormreach™ Stress Test Event is going very well and there are still registration keys available! Remember, you don’t have to be a paying subscriber to Fileplanet to get in the Stress Test. Just visit FilePlanet to sign up and download the Stress Test client. Players in the Stress Test will also have three opportunities to win spots in the regular DDO Beta during our nightly events. The events are detailed below:

Wednesday, December 14 – 8pm until 10pm EST
Let’s party! Turbine admins will be logged on during this event and giving out loot and spawning the occasional Beholder! We’ll also be giving away Beta spots at random to some players who are logged on during the event. We may even run some D&D trivia contests with Beta spots as prizes too. Beta spot winners will be contacted during the event in game and receive their Beta invitations next week. So log in, hang out with your friends, and be careful not to attract the attention of any Fire Giants you happen to see!

Thursday, December 15 – 8pm until 10pm EST
Help us help you! On this night we’re going to be stressing our in-game help system. Details for this event will be posted on the stress test forums and the stress test launcher on Thursday evening so be sure to keep an eye out for more information. Winners will be contacted via e-mail next week.

Friday, December 16 – 6pm until 10pm EST
The big event! During this event players will be asked to adventure in the many dungeons throughout Xen’drik. Turbine admins will be randomly teleporting to players who are in dungeons and giving away even more Beta spots! Winners will be contacted in-game and receive their invitation next week.

So register now and don’t miss your chance to experience what PC Gamer calls “The MMO that changes everything!”

Beta Journal #6: A Not-So-Brief Guide to Creating a Well-Rounded Bard

This week we have a journal entry describing how one person created their bard. As always, this journal was written by a player in our Beta and not by the Turbine staff.

Everyone knows the old saying – bards are jacks of all trades, masters of none. So put down that sword, pull up a chair, and let me tell you how to do just that before you hurt yourself. You want a character that can pepper targets from a distance but is still able to handle a blade, right? And you want a character that can sing a few songs, give those finger-wiggling sorcerers a run for their money, and still be able to charm the skin off a snake? Well...listen up.

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