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Monday, December 19, 2005

Monster of the Week - Unliving Vacillate

The Eberron Bestiary has posted its latest offering, the Unliving Vacillate. Created by interactions between Mabar and Irian manifest zones on Aerenal, this unnatural creature exists in an equilibrium between true deathlessness and true undeath. Magic, light and darkness can shift the equilibrium, making this monster difficult to predict. The unliving vacillates make interesting encounters for Aerenal PCs, since in their base form they will register as both undead and deathless using detection spells and other effects, enough to make even veteran players hesitate.

Here is a sneak preview:

Before you stands an ancient elf, wreathed in an aura akin to a twilight sky. It’s decayed and almost immaterial body courses with life, death, hope and despair.

The islands of Aerenal are covered in manifest zones to the planes of positive and negative energy, Irian and Mabar. The traditions of the Undying Court and the Blood of Vol were able to grow to major powers using the influence of these two planes, and the same manifest zones are used to this day. Being diametrically opposed, the manifest zones normally avoid each other, but on rare occasions they may interact in truly unnatural ways. When the magic of the deathless is combined with the eldritch secrets of undeath, the spontaneous creation of an unliving vacillate may occur from a creature that has died within the area of interaction.

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