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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Monster of the Week - Spellshard Golem

The Eberron Bestiary has uploaded its latest offering, the Spellshard Golem, a powerful construct encrusted with Eberron dragonshards. With the power to absorb spells as they are cast and then use them itself, this golem is a nightmare during arcane warfare. The Spellshard golems make great encounters for veterans, taking much of what is expected of a golem and turning it upside down.

Here is a sneak preview:

A towering, hunched construct of stone lumbers towards you, the ground shaking as it makes each step. Its stone carved armour is encrusted with large red crystals.

The spellshard golem is a potent construct empowered by Eberron dragonshards. The magic stored within the dragonshards allows them to absorb a spell’s power as it released. Just as a more mundane spellshard is capable of, the spellshard golem may recall that power at a later time. However, while the spellshard recalls the magical techniques for wizards to memorise, the complex incantations in the golem allow it to recall spells with their full effect. Though difficult to create, the spellshard golems were especially popular with armies battling Aundair and Karrnath. Since these nations made heavy use of arcane magic, spellshard golems proved useful in nullifying the powers of their mages.

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