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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Monster of the Week - Eidolon of Empathy

The Eberron Bestiary has updated its archive with its latest offering, the Eidolon of Empathy, a creature created on Dal Quor from pure emotion. Similar to the Eidolon of Paranoia and Eidolon of Terror, this mysterious outsider is a great encounter both in dreams and on the material plane. With the ability to transfer the minds of its enemies, this monster leads to plenty of character sheet swapping fun.

In other news, the poll for the next Bestiary Elite has concluded with the Living Dragonmark winning 42% of the votes. The Warforged Reanimate followed behind with 32%, while the Ithal Quor and Blade Worm trailed with 11% and 16% respectively. Look out for the elite Living Dragonmark some time this week!

The Bestiary has posted a new poll with a new question this week. Its a simple one, do you prefer to see stand alone monsters with no connection to the Bestiary's other work, making them easier to use in any Eberron game, or do you prefer monsters connected to each other (such as the Remnant and Soul Slaver) and series of monsters (such as the eidolons and fleshmelders)?

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