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Monday, September 26, 2005

Eberron Bestiary Updates

Following the Unconventional Convention (UnCon) over at the official D&D boards, the Eberron Bestiary has uploaded two prizewinning monsters to its archive. The first, winner of the Khyber subcompetition of the Mournland vs. Khyber Aberration Creation Contest, is a ghostly infiltrator crafted by a skilled daelkyr overlord. The Shalkhaar, as it became known, can be viewed here. The second, winner of the open-ended Monster Creation Contest, is the Aspect of War, a fierce warrior that roams the wastelands of Shavarath, which can be found here.

Shalkhaar preview:

A ghostly jelly-fish like abomination drifts towards you, masses of long tentacles writhing beneath its body.

The daelkyr that created the shalkhaar was not only a master of fleshcraft, but also a master in shaping the immaterial. As proof of his power in the techniques of incorporeality, the shalkhaar were originally created to infiltrate the houses of, and eventually destroy the leaders that might oppose them. When the war on Eberron began, the shalkhaar were proved to be surprisingly effective.

Aspect of War preview:

A hulking, bipedal, reptilian figure encased in an iron breastplate stands tall before you. It has a snake-like head and a long tail, and holds two enormous axes in its hands.

The creatures known as the Aspects of War are literally born of battle, rising into existence from the very essence of conflict itself. As embodiments of war, these creatures are well versed in all its facets, from diplomacy and tactics to one on one combat.Aspects of war have no set allegiances. They are heavily influenced by the presence of other outsiders, and so will always ally themselves to the stronger force, whether it be good, evil, law or chaos. Aspects of war aren’t interested in the reasons for battle, only how it must be fought.

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