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Friday, September 02, 2005

Bestiary Elite - Zorash'therak, the Decayed Divinity

The second installment of the Eberron Bestiary's latest new feature is the spellstiched, advanced, awakened gloamhaunt known as the Decayed Divinity. This colossal undead tree plans to overthrow the Great Druid and claim the Eldeen Reaches in the name of the Children of Winter and its creator. Despite its evil leanings and desire to spread death and disease across the face of Eberron, it is suitable as a patron as well as an antagonist at all levels of play. You can read more about this creature here.

Here is a sneak preview:

A colossal tree towers above you, its branches are withered and decaying, and its bark blackened and broken. Strange runes are carved into the bark that remains, unholy patterns glowing a dim red in the moonlight. The stench of death hangs in the air.

Zorash’therak, the Decayed Divinity, is a gloamhaunt of immense proportions grown and awakened in the Gloaming to serve the Children of Winter. Claiming to be the rival of the Great Druid, Oalian, Zorash’therak’s infamy is beginning to spread across the Eldeen Reaches.
Now, over a century since his awakening, the gloamhaunt’s enmity has grown, and its plots are ready to be unveiled. With a following of extremist Children of Winter at its beck and call, the gloamhaunt is ready to strike at the heart of the Eldeen Reaches.

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