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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Official Forum Rundown

Hello and welcome the rebirth of an old feature here on the Breland Ledger. From now we'll be posting links to the the Official Forums most intresting threads up to three times a week!

We start out with an oldie but goldie, the Ask Keith Baker thread. Ask the creater of Eberron about anything. Of course, remember to check your ECS before asking questions like "What is a warforged?" or "What's the origin of the Kalashtar?".

Five Nations hit the shelves last month, and many of us agree that it's a great book. Of course it isn't perfect, look at some plusses and minuses here.

This month we got the Explorers Handbook. How do you survive a crashing airship? And how do you blend in with the crowd? It's all in that book.
But is it worth the money? Give your opinion in this thread.

The editors of our beloved Eberron books aren't perfect of course. Fortunately we got great readers who can tell us some of the mistakes.
Look here for more.

The Last War has come to an end. But if it had continued? Who would have won?

You like fiends? Here's a great discussion about where some of them belong.

With Eberron, we got a new race called the Changeling. With the ability to change it's features. But how far does this ability extend?

And remember If you've got a suggestion for a hot forum topic, or an Eberron scoop, then you can always join us in our Chatroom!

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