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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Interview with Devil's Due Reveals Eberron Comic

An interview with Devil's Due at Gaming Report reveals information on their upcoming Eberron graphic novel series:

...As for Eberron, we've only begun roughly planning things out, so we haven't had any discussions with Keith or any other author yet...
...With Eberron, we'll be playing our own small part in establishing that universe, so we have no net beneath us in terms of how stories and characters are constructed.
...The sky is the limit for Eberron, with a ton of untapped territory. There are some very interesting new races, such as WarForge, and the Elves are a very mysterious race in this world. We're not set on any specific story just yet, but stay tuned. Most likely we will feature as many different races as we can, and in the theme of the game, it will involve lots of traveling and have a "swashbuckling" vibe...

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