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Friday, December 03, 2004

New Eberron Novels in 2005

The 2005 products page on the Wizards of the Coast site now includes their upcoming novels. There are two new entries for Eberron:

The Binding Stone - The Dragon Below, Book 1 (August 2005)
The Binding Stone features the brand new races that were created specifically for the Eberron campaign setting. It’s also the first Eberron novel to take its readers on an exploration of many uncharted territories in the setting.

The cover art for the other book is mistakenly showing a Forgotten Realms book (The Ogre's Pact). Here is the correct image:

The Crimson Talisman - The War-Torn, Book 1 (May 2005)
The Crimson Talisman is the first title in a new Eberron series that focuses on war-torn souls that have known nothing but a world in chaos. Each book in this series will focus on the aftermath of The Last War, in which every realm of the Eberron setting fought a bitter and long-lasting battle.

This is the first book in the War-Torn series. The third book in this series will be written by the winner of the Eberron novel open call announced earlier this year.

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