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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Mark of Heroes Campaign Site Preview

Happy Holidays! The RPGA Mark of Heroes campaign's official site should go online in the first week of December. As a special holiday treat, Wizards of the Coast has decided to put up a very detailed preview of the D&D Campaign. Included are the campaign rules, character, progress and magic item sheets.

In addition, all of the fastplay characters are now available! The fastplay characters are:

  • Shifter Barbarian

  • Gnome Cleric

  • Human Fighter

  • Elf Ranger

  • Changeling Rouge

  • Kobold Wizard

No dragonmarked characters, but we do have a kobold!

Though it's just a preview, there is one piece missing:

If you play a fastplay character with that miniature, it unlocks a bonus that works exactly like a Campaign Card but is tailored for that particular character.

These bonuses are not described in the fastplay sheets as they are in the LotGR campaign.

All of the miniatures are from the current set (Aberrations), although the Man-at-Arms for the Human Fighter is a resculpt of a Harbinger miniatures. The Breland Ledger will investigate to see if both figures can be used. Four new fastplay characters will be introduced when Deathknell is released in March of 2005.

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