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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Marked for Death news from author Matt Forbeck

Matt Forbeck has posted an update on the progress of his Eberron novel, Marked for Death, Book One of the Lost Mark Trilogy:

I'm getting back into the freelance swing of things again. I polished off the final draft of Marked for Death, the first in my Eberron trilogy, due out in March of 2005. Then I realized I'd made a big goof, and I had to fix that. ("That one-handed character is hanging from the edge of an airship while holding up a paladin with his other hand. I don't think that's possible. How about he just loses a finger?") It's all done now, and hopefully sailing through the editorial process.

I also had to come up with a map for the book. This was a snap, since the book takes place almost entirely in the Mournland, this mysteriously mist-shrouded, half-dead land in the center of the main continent of Khorvaire.

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