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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Official D&D Online Site Live

"Gamers can now unlock the secrets of Stormreach at Turbine Entertainment Software’s official Dungeons & Dragons Online community web site (www.ddo.com ). The Dungeons & Dragons Online web site includes background on the highly anticipated game, insight into the exciting dark and dangerous continent of Xen’drik and developer reports that reveal the behind-the-scenes action in Dungeons & Dragons Online.

The web site features:
  • The latest information about the development of Dungeons & Dragons Online
  • Exclusive artwork and game assets from Dungeons & Dragons Online
  • Official Dungeons & Dragons Online community forums where fans can share their thoughts and D&D experiences and interact with the creative minds behind the game

    Produced by Turbine Entertainment Software in conjunction with publisher Atari, Dungeons & Dragons Online is the heart-stopping online role playing game (ORPG) based on the official license to the world renowned franchise, Dungeons & Dragons. As their favorite D&D class and character, players explore and adventure in the twisted bowels of Stormreach and the surrounding mysterious continent of Xen’drik – a setting wrought with ambition and secret plots. Built on the powerful Turbine Engine technology, Dungeons & Dragons Online delivers breath-taking graphics, fast-paced action and exhilarating D&D adventures for fortune-hunters and their friends.

    Fans can learn more about the game at

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