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Monday, September 27, 2004

Dungeon 117 preview: Fallen Angel

thalmin at ENWorld has posted the contents of Dungeon #116. It doesn't appear to have any Eberron specific material, so be sure to pound on Paizo's doors proclaiming outrage! You might not want to throw out the baby just yet; there's an article on the 30 greatest adventures with comments from the almighty Hellcow.

The preview for 117 includes a new adventure in Sharn by Keith Baker to coincide with the city sourcebook:

Fallen Angel
On Olarune 9th in the 918th year since the founding of the Kingdom, one of the city of Sharn's floating towers fell from the sky, leaving much of the Godsgate district a ruin of crushed buildings and shattered glass. Now, a band of bestial savages searches Godsgate for remnants of a broken statue, pulling the PCs into a plot that could destroy Sharn itself. A D&D Eberron adventurefor 4th level characters.

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