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Monday, September 27, 2004

DDM: Complete List of Aberrations

zqk over at maxminis.com got his hands on the D&D Miniatures poster for the latest set, Aberrations. He posted the list, including pictures from the poster. Several sites are hosting these pics, including MerricB's and Lemonbutter.

The list of Eberron specific figs includes:

Exorcist of the Silver Flame (LG rare)
Warforged Hero (LG rare)
Longtooth Barbarian (CG uncommon)
Sharn Cutthroat (CG uncommon) rumored to be changeling
Valenar Commander (CG rare)
Bladebearer Hobgoblin (LE uncommon)
Emerald Claw Soldier (LE common)
Carrion Tribe Barbarian (CE common)

Coming in at EIGHT figs, Eberron has the largest non-Core (PH, DMG, MM) representation in this set, beating out Complete Series (5), Fiend Folio (3), Miniatures Handbook (3), Monster Manual 2 (2), Book of Exalted Deeds (1), Planar Handbook (1) and Expanded Psionics Handbook (1). Oh yeah, and Forgotten Realms (6). Not that it's a competition or anything...

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