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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Dragon Magazine 323 with 324 Preview

Thalmin on the ENWorld forums has posted the contents of Dragon Magazine 323. Some especially useful articles to Ebbies:

Seven Deadly Domains: Includes sidebar with the Eberron gods that would offer these domains.

See No Evil: Replaces Detect Evil with Detect Attitude, Detect Guilt, Detect Heresy, and Detect Violence. A nice campaign option that might fit in well with the gray alignment of Eberron.

The Ecology of Chokers: Though the article probably doesn't mention their halfling ancestry or the daelkyr involvement in Eberron, chokers have a special place in the ECSB.

Cyclopeans: A new race. A perfect fit for a Xen'drik campaign?

Finally, there's a preview of 324 with an article by none other than the almighty Hellcow!

Living Nightmares: Keith Baker, creator of Eberron, describes nightmarish monsters from Eberron's realm of dreams. Sleep tight.

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